We play to educate

build a world where all youth are competitive and successful



Number of tournaments where we were champions so far

Runner Up

Number of tournaments where we were runner ups so far

Third place

Number of tournaments where we were placed third


The CSK Foundation is a 501(c) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to use the funds generated through our tournaments to make a difference in the way young children are taught.

CSK Foundation team consists of skilled players who have won a total of 21 tournaments in the past 5 years.

The CSK Foundation funds the Math circle that is primarily run by High School merit students supported by a dedicated and highly skilled adults with a common goal and passion of serving community . 

Our motive is to help students develop their critical thinking and quantitative analysis skills, which will help them to succeed in college, help them to prepare for various open math competitions and to shape their career in respective fields.  

We work hard to accomplish our mission and at the same time have fun. And we do all of this for FREE to the students.



— We Play

We play in the tournaments to raise funds .


— We Educate

We teach Math for children from 1st grade to 8th grade.


— We Coach

We coach the volunteers to teach as well as develop their leadership skills.


— We Boost Confidence

We use unconventional methods of teaching math to children and help them improve their problem solving skills  .


— We build teams

We build Math teams and teach children to work in teams.


— We Train

We train them to participate in international and domestic competitions.


Susheela Parikh – This is not like any of the Math programs that we have attended

My kids are actually always looking forward to the Math session. The program is challenging as well as entertaining. 

Mark — It is a good initiative to develop their Math skill

Even though this is based off of common core, this is not the Math that they learn from school. Glad to have known about this program.

Our program is free for the students.support us and make a difference today!

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